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ChaseLight Technology Security Lighting for Dealerships by Trydon


Security Lighting Control Management For Dealerships

Protection, Promotion and Profitability for Auto Dealers

The best asset to sell your inventory?   

Your inventory. 

                     A well-illuminated lot showcases your vehicles 24/7.                           While always-on lights cost money, turning them off is too risky.      ChaseLight technology was developed to bridge this gap with an innovative lighting controller system for your dealership LED lighting.

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ChaseLight Lighting Controller System Prevents Dealership Theft

Loss Prevention

Always-on motion sensing vandal and theft deterrence

ChaseLight Lighting Controller System Saves Dealerships Money

Energy Savings

Light controller system features logarithmic dimming during non-peak hours

ChaseLight Lighting Controller System Illuminates Dealership Lot

Enhanced Merchandising

Additional illumination of premium vehicle inventory

ChaseLight Quad Light on Dealer Lot


  • Lighting controllers will dim any LED light fixture equipped with 0-10v dimming capability (120v-480v)

  • Provides eight (8) user-definable Groups to correspond with site lighting configuration

  • Scheduled dimming events and high-end trim settings are user-defined at the Group
    level for continuous dimming capability throughout the night

  • Each Group can support up to 128 lighting controllers

  • Each lighting controller is assigned a unique radio ID code enabling Group assignment
    and direct real-time communication

  • Encrypted RF protocol establishes a mesh network to wirelessly communicate with
    lighting controllers

  • Lighting controllers are self-learning as their integral photo sensor monitors length of
    night to automatically adjust scheduled dimming events

  • Each lighting controller has integral motion detection that responds to after-hours on-site
    visitors (pedestrian or vehicular)

  • Energy savings data available on demand (.CSV file format) for both end-user and utility
    evaluation, and integration by external systems


ChaseLight technology saves car dealers money

  • Dealership lighting gains up to 90% in energy savings with selective dimming

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Eligible for prescriptive premiums from local utilities

  • Reduces exposure to out-of-pocket repair costs


ChaseLight technology provides protection to car dealerships

  • Motion-sensing vandalism and theft deterrent

  • Adjustable flashing lights and audible alarm settings

  • Eliminate vulnerable "shadow spots"

ChaseLight technology works - easily

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • Cost-effective investment with rapid payback

  • Increase marketing appeal through better illumination

Lighting technology that helps dealerships plan for the future.
ChaseLight Lighting Control System Saves Energy
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Housed in Trydon's patented controller unit, ChaseLight features motion sensors and customized scheduling and light level controls to turn existing lot lights into crime-reducing energy savings tools.  ChaseLight hardware and software are compatible with existing LED installations, and our lighting control system can can be incorporated into new lighting upgrades.  

A proprietary self-learning algorithm corresponds to a location's current daylight levels, eliminating the need for upkeep and programming errors.  And the wireless system is highly adjustable to enable precise monitoring and varying light levels, tailored to the specifics of each lot.

ChaseLight lighting systems are being installed in dealerships across the Midwest near Trydon's headquarters in St. Louis.  Trydon is proud to have been vetted by several regional professional auto dealer associations, having earned their trust by demonstrating not only reliable technology but also the financial benefit for their member dealers that run on ChaseLight technology.  
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M. Anderson, Owner
Anderson Auto Group

Our lot lights turned out amazing, and really make us stand out against our competition. I really appreciated your attention to detail and caring attitude. ChaseLight is the way to go.

A. Rajaee, President  Cornhusker Auto Center

We picked the right option with Trydon & ChaseLight Technology. I was so impressed I made the decision to upgrade two additional dealerships. Trydon is a company with integrity and I would highly recommend them.

B. Copple, Owner
Copple Cars

Don was very attentive to our needs.  We were so pleased with our first project we upgraded the lighting at one of our other locations.   Don did an amazing job and we would recommend him and his products to anyone. 


Learn how ChaseLight technology can be put to use for your dealership.

(314) 956-7848


Make your lighting work for you!

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ChaseLight Technology Security Lighting for Dealerships
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